is now open for bidding! The official auction site for Gene Simmons personally owned items.

Gene Simmons Launches Personal Auction Website

Gene Simmons

What is… Gene Simmons Auctions? Gene Simmons has spent the last 50+ years amassing a legendary collection of KISS memorabilia and priceless items unique to Gene! While packing up his infamous KISS collection from his former Beverly Hills home, seen…

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Previews World

Interview: Gene Simmons Returns to Comics with ‘Dominatrix’

Gene Simmons Dominatrix Comic

From Kiss to Scooby-Doo and beyond — musician and entrepreneur Gene Simmons is a staple of popular culture. Constantly enterprising, his passion for entertaining audiences stretches beyond sold out concert halls, periodically bringing him back to his other love: comic books. PREVIEWSworld’s…

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Gene Simmons Dominatrix #1 (of 4) (Cover A – Balent)

From the mind of the legendary Gene Simmons comes an action epic flavored with fetish fantasy! Dominique Stern is used to making people hurt-but they always ask for it first. When one of her sessions is interrupted by mysterious agents…

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