Shelter Pups Get A Big Surprise Thanks To iHeartDogs And Gene Simmons

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Maybe you can’t take every shelter dog home, but you can help every shelter dog find a home!

iHeartDogs believes that there’s a loving home out there for every dog, and one of our favorite ways to get dogs out of shelters and enrich their lives is through Project Play™. It’s been proven that dogs have a better chance of finding homes if they’re seen playing, so by donating toys, we’re helping to showcase them and their unique personalities to potential adopters! Toys also provide dogs with physical and mental stimulation, which can help them relax in a stressful shelter environment. Giving a shelter dog a toy is giving him a little distraction and joy in his day.


Project Play™ is our promise to donate a toy to a shelter dog every time you buy a toy from the iHeartDogs store! So far, iHeartDogs has donated over 128,000 toys – and it’s all thanks to you! Because you shop and spread the word about Project Play™, more and more people are feeling the love that comes from helping a shelter dog while treating their own pets to a new toy!

Rock legend and dog dad Gene Simmons recently helped iHeartDogs COO Marshall Morris distribute toys to shelter dogs in L.A. Watch your donations in action below:

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