Rock and Roll God Gene Simmons Thinks the Dow Will Blow Past 20,000

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Kiss legend Gene Simmons isn’t just a god of rock and roll, he is also keen on investing in the stock market. 

“My belief is that as soon as Donald Trump takes power, and as soon as he lowers the amount of taxes that people on the street are going to have to pay, watch the 20,000 ceiling on the Dow break,” Simmons told TheStreet in an interview. 

Simmons also pulled no punches when asked about the impact to stocks that President-elect Trump’s lively Twitter page is causing.

“That’s dangerous, and I believe he is going to see the effect,” Simmons said. “I think there is going to be a learning curve that he, and we, are going to have to learn–being an individual citizen is one thing, and tweeting as the most powerful human being on the face of the planet can have positive or negative repercussions,” Simmons added.

In addition to dabbling in the markets, Simmons is also quite an established businessman. He is a founding partner of emerging restaurant brand Rock & Brews, which has 20 locations across the country. And of course he is the mastermind behind the gold mine that is Kiss merchandise, which boasts an astounding 5,000-plus branded items.

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